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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Plan to reduce Mid-East suffering

An important step toward World Peace is workable solutions in all the
problem areas.

I offer the following plan for the Mid-East and hope many others are posted
on this site. Contributers are welcome to add their own plan or expand and

Plan to reduce Mid-East suffering:
One of the kinder things the US can do to help the World solve the Mid-East
crisis is to buy 8,000 sq. miles of land in North or South America and
assist Israel in moving to a new home.

Costs will continue to mount if Israel stays in Palestine. No blame will be
ascribed to any group or the trajedy will continue. All groups will have
the possibility of living in peace and the cost will be worth it. {$51.2
Billion @ $10,000/acre; $50 Billion for 10,000 each to relocate 5 million

This total is small compared to the costs and suffering over the 56 years
trying to make the UN plan work.

The US has spent hundreds of billions to keep peace in the Middle-East and
trillions will be saved if Israel is moved to North or South America. The US
will foot the bill since they will be the main beneficiary.

Bob Simpson, Mpls.


Blogger H said...

Ah yes, the open minded Christian liberal who professes no anti-semitism (I hope) while at the same time laying blame at the feet of Israel. Let us
never forget that for many thousands of years prior to the arrival of Christians and Moslems, Jews dwelt in the land Mr. Simpson refers to as Palastine. Now they should be moved to oh, maybe somewhere in N or S
America. What a perfect Final Solution to the pesky Jew problem. Imagine wanting a home within secure borders. Those upstart no-good Jews. Shame on them. Why not have nice white Christians like Mr Simpson move somewhere else, and give this land back to the Native people who surely were here before his ancestors. Israel and Barak offered peace. Arafat (may he rot in hell) offered the Intefada. It is hard to remain a progressive when so many of my colleagues on the left are closeted and not so closeted anti-Semites. I can have a more meaningful dialogue with members of the Moslem community than with white liberal Jew bashing Christians.

9:16 AM  
Blogger fred said...

That land you would rid of Israelis (jews) was a large piece of land under the Ottoman empire and had no nations there. Then the Brits took it over--still no nations there. Then the UN granted by a huge majority vote two states: Israel seized the opportunity. The Arabs sent armeis of some 5 nations in to destroy Israel. And three wars later, and no settlement so Palestinians can get a state...and your anser? Move a legiltimately placed people out of there! Why not relocate half of the US from land once occupied by Indians (native Amricans)? They are not suicide bombers and know theilr place so they are not a problem? re-think your plan.

3:25 PM  

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