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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

In-Your-Face Golden Rule from "The Creator"

From my close friend, Charlie Brennecke. Who among us can quibble with this
if they have anything of a mind? This is the toughest Golden Rule I've ever
read and one that, if essentially followed, could bring peace to all.
Hi, Andy.

I think your blogs are most interesting. They certainly stimulate the old
thinking machine and stir up the political compost heap. I¹ve been sorting
thru all the junk accumulated in the basement and came up with an item that
I originally found abandoned in a motel in Indiana forty years ago. I can¹t
claim to be the originator, but I did clean up the grammar and spelling.
Tell me what you think of it.
[[I am the Creator and overseer of everything that is, everything that ever
has been and everything that ever will be. I am of all and in all, I am in
all places and at all times, but I cannot be located. I have neither
ancestors nor offspring.

Terms that describe my Creation do not describe me; I am not like anything
else in Creation. I am what I am. Some call me God, but I reject the title
and the baggage that goes with it.

My Creation extends into all of time and space; I have made it so vast, so
complex and so dynamic that it is now, and will forever be, beyond your
understanding. I alone can comprehend it.

All of my Creation is equally precious to me. I have created no special
places, no privileged objects, and no chosen life forms. I have no
favorites. I treat all alike. My Creation is open to all who are willing to
observe; those who seek will find, those who ask will be answered, those who
knock will find the door open. There are no secret passages or occult
corners. I have hidden nothing and keep no secrets.

I do not send messengers or intermediaries to do my work. Those who claim to
speak or act for me deceive themselves and those that listen to them. I do
not divide my people into believers and unbelievers based on the recitation
of pious platitudes. I do not entertain petitions.

I require neither acceptance nor approval nor assistance of my creations,
and I recognize no adversaries. I draw no conclusions from events of the
past, and I have no plans for the future. Ideas and words mean nothing to
me; only actions count. I make no laws and pass no judgments.

In your daily experience, I confront you with many choices. When you make a
decision, you are absolutely free to take any action within your power to
carry out; not to decide counts as a decision. There are no forbidden
decisions. When you take an action to carry out your decision, I will then
determine the end result. You are absolutely responsible for the those
results. There is no appeal.

Your actions and mine together make up the seamless fabric of Creation. It
has always been and will continue to be, until I decide that my Creation has
served its purpose.

I have given you life: it has a beginning, a course to run, and an end. I
determine the beginning and the end, and closely supervise the course you
run. No thought, word or deed of yours can earn an extension. Rejoice in
life if you can; suffer it if you must. One passage through it is enough for

I have set before you the ways of life and death as I have created them. My
single commandment to you is this: Live your own life, and let others live

And keep up the good work! - - Chas B.


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